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The Mansion House of Beauty is Charleston's 1 Stop Glam Shop providing services in Hair & Makeup; aiming to uplift, beautify, and celebrate all women in their real, most authentic selves!

The Mansion is dedicated to using salon exclusive hair products; you should never expect less.

The atmosphere is fun, friendly, respectful, professional, trustworthy, safe, warm, and welcoming. Enjoy!

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Want to spice it up a bit? At The Mansion House of Beauty, we are committed to providing you with amazing extension services to make sure you go home happy. I know exactly what you are looking for. your seat today and Slay the night away!

Serving up the most up to date, detailed and stylish cuts, The Mansion is most definitely a satisfaction guarantee! Each cut is precise and tailored to your Crown!

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Blue Ocean Photo Summer Instagram Post (

They say what's one without the other! Let the brushes do the talking. Complete your look with the finishing touches of makeup to enhance your beauty. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We’re here for you.

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